The message of all saintly persons and bona fide meditation teachers is the same. It is very simple. Jesus Christ said, "My first and foremost commandment is that you love the Supreme Lord with all your heart, all your mind, your entire being." This is real meditation. This is the real aim of bona fide meditation teachers. This is the aim of saintly persons. They want you to develop your love for the Supreme Person. They want you to develop your attachment to God. In this way naturally your attachment to the material dimension will decrease. You will be happy when you're developed in your love for God. When your love for God is there you will be full within yourself. You'll be happy. You'll actually be satisfied and free from your anxiety and fears.

In the ancient Srimad Bhavagad-Gita the Supreme Lord states:

Engage your mind always in thinking of Me, become My devotee, engage your body in My service and surrender unto Me. Completely absorbed in Me you will come to Me.
Bhagavad-gita 9:34

This is very, very wonderful, very simple message: "Engage your mind always in thinking of Me. Become My devotee." What does 'become My devotee' mean? He's saying, "Love Me." And Jesus Christ as the pure son and pure servant of God is saying, "Love God. Love God." The message is the same. God is saying, "Love Me," and the servant of God is saying, "Love God. Love God and you will be happy." This is your natural condition. This is real meditation. "Always think of Me; love Me." Naturally you always think of the one you love, you know? "Engage your body in My service and surrender unto Me. Completely absorbed in Me surely you will come to Me." In other words, "Love Me, be happy now and later you'll come to Me when you leave your body." In other words, "When you die you'll come to Me because you love Me." This is a very happy relationship. I mean it's a very positive, fearless relationship we're talking about here. Why is it that you are reluctant to love God? Why is it that you're reluctant to even want to try to love God?

A lot of people think of God as an impersonal force - no form, no face, no personality - that God is not a person, and it is difficult to love an impersonal force. This is an acceptance of the existence of a superior power but they deny the existence of the Supreme Personality Who is the source of that impersonal force.

In other words, God is both impersonal and personal. God has His impersonal feature, it's true, but God's not just impersonal. God has His personality and that's the original. God's Personality is first and His impersonal feature comes from His personality. Many see God as a vague impersonal feature, like in the sense that you know God is everywhere, and sort of shines through everything. A lot of people are attracted to nature, and this is because of God's impersonal presence in a sense. It's God you're attracted to but still it's not loveable in a sense because just like you can't have a loving relationship with a cloud, or the sky. Not the kind of relationship that's being described here, "Engage your mind always in thinking of Me. Love Me. Become My devotee. Surrender to Me." We're obviously not dealing with the same thing here. So this is the first thing. We have to come to realize that God is a person. God's not just an impersonal force. God is a person. But even if we do accept or come to realize, "Yes, God is a person," we're still reluctant to surrender to God. You may accept, "Yes, God is a person," but you're still reluctant to surrender to God. Why is that?

This is because its difficult to love someone that you don’t know. So even if you do accept God is a person, you can't really love Him cause you don't know anything about Him. And what you have heard gets mixed with speculation, imagination, and you come through with all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the reality of God's true nature, His true character, His true form. Unfortunately many people have misconstrued God and have positioned Him in such a way that people are fearful. And these “leaders” use this fear to control and manipulate others. It is very unfortunate.

So Jesus says, "Love the Supreme Being with all your heart. Love this Supreme Being." How can I love the Supreme if I am fearful of Him? Jesus wants me to do the impossible! It's not possible to love the person you are afraid of. But Jesus is not going to tell me to do the impossible. In other words, he is not going to tell me that I should develop my love for God and I will be happy if God were not loveable.

The fact is, the Supreme Person is all loveable, all attractive. There's no one sweeter than the Supreme Person. There's no one who loves you more than the Supreme Person. There's no one who wants you to be happy more than the Supreme Person. There is a great disservice being done to the people of the world through these fanatics who put forward this false image of God as being the big bad cop, Godfather, judge, sadist. That's not God. That's not God. The reason they put forward this limited view of God is because they have no information about God.

According to Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, according to his speculation, God is a big, white Caucasian Who's been lifting weights for a long time and He's got a long white beard cause He's the oldest. It's true that God is the oldest. God is eternal. We're all eternal. But their idea is that God is the oldest, so He's got this long white hair, partially balding in the front and a long white beard, and He flies through the sky throwing thunderbolts. So supposedly Jesus is telling us to love this entity.

The point is this is all they have to go on. They have no higher information on what God is really like so they go by their mental speculation and he draws a picture of his mental speculation. But the fact is, God is a person. He doesn't have a material form but He has a spiritual form and this spiritual form can be seen by those who have developed the spiritual vision to see Him. God therefore can be described by those who have seen Him and He can be described by Himself.

Many people also say that God is a mystery. So you're supposed to love this mystery, but you can't love a mystery. You can't love something impersonal. You can only love that which you can actually start to know.

In other words, you need to love a person and you need to know more about that person to love Him. If you want to know more about God, if you want to know more about the real nature and the real spiritual form and beauty of the Supreme Person and that, in fact, God is ever youthful, if you want to really know God and actually want to develop your relationship with Him then you need to learn how to meditate. You should contact me or the Science of Identity Foundation. You should find out more about God in this way. You need to hear more about God, learn more about the Supreme Person. I would like to teach you more about the Supreme Person and if you get in touch with me then I'll do that. And as you learn more about the Supreme Person then naturally your love for the Supreme Lord will increase and your happiness will increase.

Thank You
Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda