Valentine's Day is this youthful dream that is springing from the soul that a perfect beloved does exist. There's a saying that, "Hope springs eternal." Regardless of how many times a person gets their heart broken or they experience the limitations of loving affairs of this world, we have this hope, "Maybe just around the corner is the perfect beloved."

The highest satisfaction or blissfulness or pleasure that is known in the world is the love of a beloved or a Valentine.  So the happiness that we get from our friends, we leave it behind to go after the individual girl or the individual boy because there is something in our heart that goes, "Yes, there is pleasure there. There is happiness there.  It is drawing me there."  There are so many songs, books and movies, which are dedicated to the love between a young man and a young woman.  In fact, it doesn't matter how old people are, every person is still longing for such love.

Sometimes people simply experience the pain of a broken love and they want to become nothing.  They give up on love and they try to become zero.   Love causes pain in their experience in this life so they see love as the enemy.

But love is not the enemy. Love is our natural condition.  So when you place this love on The Supreme Person this is its natural condition, then you are functioning according to your eternal nature and position.  Placing our love on the Supreme Person will satisfy our heart. Developing our spiritual love for the Supreme Person will increase our love and care for others. This is the perfection of love.