The word yoga means union. For there to be union, there needs to be objects becoming united. The reality of that union can only be as real, true, or factual as the objects that are being united. If something that does not really exist–in other words, an illusion–is united with something that is real, then that union is also an illusion, unreal. There is no substance to it and it is therefore without value.

Yoga means the union of the individual spirit soul, the atma, with the Supreme Spirit, the Paramatma. Neither the atma nor the Paramatma, is an illusion, unreal or without substance. Both truly exist. Because both truly exist, the union of the Supreme Soul and the spirit soul actually exists. Yoga therefore, is real. It is true. It is not false or an illusion.

In this material world, spiritual life—the attempt to make spiritual progress, to get closer to God—is very difficult. But God provides an easy way to come close to Him.

It is very unfortunate that even though God makes approaching Him relatively easy in this age of chaos, we reject the easy way and instead make things difficult for ourselves.

Rejecting What Comes Easy

This tendency to reject what comes easy and to over endeavor for things that are more difficult to get is evident in people all over the world. One example I noticed while visiting Samoa in Polynesia is simple but valuable for illustrating this point. As you probably know, it is vevela in Polynesia—very hot. So naturally God provides the perfect coolant—coconut water...