Valentine's Day is this youthful dream that is springing from the soul that a perfect beloved does exist.  There's a saying that, "Hope springs eternal." Regardless of how many times a person gets their heart broken or they experience the limitations of loving affairs of this world, we have this hope, "Maybe just around the corner is the perfect beloved."

Do You Really Exist?

Let's get a grasp here first before we go any further, of what we are talking about-self-awareness. Say to yourself, "I am aware that I exist", be aware. Just for a moment, say to yourself at home, and here, you are aware that you exist, ok? The self, self-awareness. There's a self and then the self's awareness of his own existence. That's what we're referring to here, that even if we were to conclude that all these other machines are empty in this room, and it's just me, I'm still aware that I exist.

The Self Exists While the Body Is Changing

So the question is how can you be the body? If you were the body eight years ago, then you would not exist today because the body you had eight years ago does not exist today. Do you understand this? It's a very simple thing and yet it's very hard to grasp because you know it's such a gradual change of our body. We don't, you know, it's hard to hold on to. If you were your body eight years ago, you would not exist today because the body you had eight years ago doesn't exist today. Okay? So the only conclusion we can come to from this is that a person is not the body.

Many Bodies Within a Lifetime

We've got some pictures here of a grandfather of one of the people here. Okay? So basically this is when he was a baby, okay? Then this is when he was a young man, then this is when he was a whatever, middle age, or something, right? Middle age man. And then, what do you call this already? Getting old, right? Right? Old man already, right? See there's very great differences especially if you look for example, you go from this, you go to this one, the baby, to this one. you know, anyway, then here's a picture of just before he uh, his departure there. But it's such a radical difference there.

The Body is Not Constant, But You Are

Woman in audience: Recent studies on the turnover of the molecular population within a given nerve cell have indicated that, although the cells themselves retain their individuality, their macromolecular contingent is renewed about ten thousand times in a lifetime. (In other words, the matter making up each cell is completely renewed every three days).

The Body is Always Changing

Who are you? What is a person? Like most people, you've probably filled out all kinds of forms, answering questions about who you are. Institutions like hospitals or schools and oh, just about everybody is always asking who you are, okay? And they always, give you these forms and you have this form that says, "What is your age? "How old are you?", "What color are you?" and you know, "What is..." whatever other identities you've got, they want to know about them, okay.